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People who visit and learn about Italy have something in common: their love for its cuisine and all kinds of food made in this country.

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COMING SOON !  RECIPE - ItalianFood4u !


400 g of Spaghetti
200 g of bacon to head
4 eggs
1 clove of garlic
3 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese
3 tablespoons grated Pecorino cheese
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cut the bacon into small cubes and brown them in a pan along with a few tablespoons of olive oil and a clove of garlic (which must be removed as soon as taking color)
In a bowl mix thoroughly warm the eggs (2 whole and 2 yolks) at room temperature with the grated cheese, cover with salt and plenty of freshly ground pepper, you will need to obtain a homogeneous creamy sauce.
Once cooked, pour the pasta into the bowl mixed with egg and crispy bacon and warm.

Serve the "carbonara" hot.

Pasta, Only Italian Will Do - coming soon

Pasta, Only Italian Will Do  -  coming soon - ItalianFood4u !

Pasta is perhaps the primary food product that makes Italy famous in the world. Various types of pasta are widely used in an uncanny number of traditional Italian recipes in everything from rigatoni all'amatriciana to spaghetti alla carbonara, combining its proud tradition with continuous research leading to the steady improvement of output, thanks to which these products are increasingly appreciated internationally.

Italian pasta provides the body with energy through the nutritional properties found in starch, and is also important sources of protein. The presence of whole grains that are rich in fiber, fatty acids, as well as other organic compounds are fundamental to healthy eating. This combined with craftsmanship unique to the peninsula renders the enjoyment of authentic pasta a certainty.

Pasta can be produced using different varieties of flour giving consumers a wide selection for their choice. The rise of gluten free has even made enjoying this Italian patrimony available to those who previously could not enjoy it. Now that is a versatile food. Viva!

Pesto, Born of Basil - coming soon

Pesto, Born of Basil  -  coming soon - ItalianFood4u !

Pesto, or better still genovese pesto, is one of the most widely known Italian condiments in the world. Basil pesto figures among the traditional food products recognized by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, and is specifically bound to a rigid set of rules put in place by the consortium that governs its production. Basil Pesto Genovese's unique flavor is secondary only to its freshness and health.

Basil is the primary ingredient in Pesto, which is traditionally pestato, or crushed, with a marble or wooden mortar and pestle together with the other ingredients: Italian extra virgin olive oil, cheese (Parmigiano, Grana or Pecorino DOP), pine nuts, garlic and salt. For industrial scale output, mechanical tools are employed to speed up the process in a cooled environment to maintain the maximum in nutrition, taste and aroma.

The measure of basil in Pesto genovese must be inferior to 25%, and not exceed 82% oil. It is a typical topping for pasta or gnocchi. A small amount of the water used for cooking is generally added to the pesto to allow it to cover the dish more uniformly. It is also an excellent addition for crostini, pizza and a myriad of appetizers.

Sauce with Italian passata - coming soon

Sauce with Italian passata  -  coming soon - ItalianFood4u !

The characteristic aroma of sauce, to be more specific, Italian pasta sauce with a tomato passata base, is heady and has spread through the streets of towns all over Italy for centuries. The tradition is represented by deep-rooted recipes, at times passed down from mother to son, often with a pinch of secrecy in addition to the standard ingredients.

Recipes for a unique type of Italian sauce is available in every area of the country. It is enough to consider sugo alla bolognese or genovese to make this point, but a common thread is the use of a passata sauce made with tomatoes. This is achieved by cooking of cherry, datterino or San Marzano varieties, and is used to accompany a wide variety of dishes, such as pizza, meatballs, and of course pasta.

King of Italian sauce and quick recipes, it expresses the best combination between passata and extra virgin olive oil, and it is for this reason that so much attention needs to be paid to the quality of each ingredient. An optimal sauce can be cooked starting with organic foods, or on an industrial scale without losing the virtues we have described.

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